Cross and letters


11"w x 6" Cross logo image  $9

WELCOME - individual letters  8"h - 7 letters - $4.50 each

Made on 10 mil clear mylar Reusable pattern

Increase your artistic endeavors with our versatile "Cross and Letters" stencil set, meticulously crafted by Go Stencil. Whether you're an experienced artist or a DIY enthusiast, this stencil set offers endless possibilities for your creative projects.

The centerpiece of this set is our intricately designed 11-inch wide by 6-inch tall Cross logo image. With precise detailing and a clean outline, this stencil allows you to effortlessly incorporate the symbol of faith into your artwork. Perfect for religious-themed projects, home decor, or spiritual crafts, this Cross stencil adds a touch of reverence and elegance to any surface.

But that's not all – complementing the Cross stencil are individual letter stencils, each standing at 8 inches in height. Spell out personalized messages, quotes, or names with our WELCOME letters, consisting of 7 individual letters priced at $4.50 each. Whether you're creating welcoming signs for your home, customizing gifts, or adding unique accents to your projects, these letter stencils provide the flexibility to express yourself with precision and style.

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