Coleman date stencil 3x1.5 3 copies


3 copies 3x1.5" stencil on 10 mil mylar

Keeping track of dates is crucial, whether you're in a busy kitchen, managing inventory, or organizing files. The Coleman Date Stencil 3x1.5 is here to streamline your labeling process with precision and ease.

Crafted with durability in mind, this stencil ensures repeated use without wear and tear. Its compact size of 3x1.5 inches makes it convenient for various applications, fitting seamlessly onto containers, documents, or any surface requiring date marking.

With three copies included, you have the flexibility to mark multiple items simultaneously, enhancing efficiency in your workflow. Whether you're labeling batches of products or organizing paperwork, this stencil simplifies the task at hand.

The clear, legible font of the Coleman Date Stencil ensures that your date markings are easy to read, minimizing any confusion or errors. Say goodbye to messy handwritten dates and hello to professional, uniform labeling.

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