What are the stencils made out of?  Our stencils are made out of  10 mil white frosted mylar - Mylar is a stiff plastic like material.

Are your stencils reusable?  Yes they are.  Stencils in general are stronger by size also, Example:  really small stencils in the 3" diameter are more fragile than a 12" diameter stencil.

What is the smallest and largest stencil you can make? Usually 2 to 3 inches is about the smallest size that can be cut out by our lasers.  Any text needs to be at least 1/2" high.  The largest stencil we can make on one sheet is 23" x 38"  However on larger stencils requests we can often use 2 or more stencils to make a larger pattern.

How soon will my order ship?  We move fast as possible, in most cases the order will ship the same or next business day even on custom stencil orders.

Can you make custom stencils? Yes we have a built in tool on our home page to help you design your stencil.  You can also email us your request/images you would like made into a stencil.  Anytime you are asking us to make a stencil for you, be sure and include the size of the stencil you need.

Where are the stencils made?  Gostencil is a USA company and all stencils ship out of our plant in Abilene, TX.